Best White Elephant Gift Ideas in 2020 With details and suggestions

White elephant gift is a perplexing thing. How can I choose to express my personality, especially this gift? Don’t want to be too expensive, but not too cheap. What gift is more funny or interesting? If you want to find a suitable and appropriate white elephant gift, read this post, which will guide you to choose the best white elephant gift in 2020. Maybe because you are the most unique in the world, choose the most unique gift.

1.Electric Wine Opener

The operation is simple and convenient, which can effectively save the volume of the kitchen.The wine utensils are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, which is hard, delicate, wear-resistant and durable ,which can effectively remove the wine cork. The surface is smooth and transparent, and the details are meticulous. The overall use of double-layer vacuum technology, effectively prevent water from flowing back, keep the wine clean. Simple and atmospheric appearance design, excellent electroplating and electroplating process, strong and durable, smooth and delicate, easy to clean, making it more convenient and practical to use.The inner wall is made of 316 stainless steel, which is hard and resistant to falling and not easy to rust.The double-layer vacuum stainless steel is used in the pot, which is easy to be cleaned and easy to use. This is a bottle opener with strong practicability.

2.Microwave Popcorn Popper

This is a kind of popcorn pop-up device, which can make popcorn easily in a short distance and enjoy the delicious food anytime and anywhere. The material of this popcorn pop-up is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which is light, portable and does not occupy space. The pop-up is very fast, with the quality of life of the kitchen, making your kitchen more beautiful and stylish. With the pop-up speed of 3 seconds, it is easy to have a variety of food without waiting. The shape of the pop-up is small and delicate, the material is safe and non-toxic, and it is suitable for microwave heating. There is a detachable storage box, which can be used for paper towels and other things. It is very convenient and simple. This pop-up device has a small and exquisite appearance, which can be easily put into the microwave oven and dishwasher. It can also be used to hold eggs, sweets, and vegetables. It is convenient to use and does not smell.

3.Bad Dog Wisdom Tumblers

What do you do with bad dogs when you can’t stand them? Look at this cup and say, ha ha… Don’t ask me if you’ve ever had a bad dog, even if you haven’t, maybe you’ve met one. This set of cups is made of high quality glass, and the painting is very delicate. The bad dog in my mind is so vivid and anthropomorphic that I can’t help laughing every time I see it. For people who like dogs, it’s a gift that can’t be missed. Even people who don’t like dogs think it’s a good funny gift.

4.Toilet Ceramic Mug

A beautiful and fashionable cup . If you don’t mind, this cup is really fashionable. It’s really fashionable… Few people have it. It can be used for drinking water, milk and milk tea, which is very practical. It is made of natural and delicate ceramics, with smooth and delicate texture, round and delicate, pure color, pure and transparent, with the shape of flowing tea, showing the elegant and simple temperament, natural and simple, and showing the noble and elegant quality of life , and it is beautiful and elegant. Maybe let your friends enjoy another kind of noble and elegant.

5.Bath SipCaddy

Very practical and light bathroom cup holder, small shape, easy to carry, high-quality environmental protection plastic, no smell, strong and durable. With exquisite workmanship and smooth surface, you can enjoy the wine while bathing in the bathroom. Of course, soda is OK. The suction cup is made of soft silica gel, which has strong suction and can be firmly adsorbed on the surface of glass, ceramics, etc.

6.Veggie Spiralizer

This kind of vegetable spiralizer is very suitable for people who like to cook. It is very convenient to use. You only need to remove the lid and the whole process is done. You can make a variety of vegetables, and can make a delicious dish with a single press. The material is environmental friendly and durable, and the cover can be disassembled and cleaned. The kitchen is a place full of small and freshness. It is also a good thing to eat fresh vegetables at home. A good tool is indispensable. It is not only necessary to make good products, but also to add a trace of green to the kitchen. The hidden design of the handle makes the handle more comfortable to hold and prevent slipping. The whole machine can be disassembled, and the cleanliness and sanitary effect are good. It is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, which is strong and durable, and can be used for a long time. The overall shape is simple and generous, the overall shape is fine, the workmanship is exquisite, and the quality is guaranteed. The blade is made of high-quality aluminum material, which is durable, sharp and easy to clean. With the multi-layer coating process, the blade is not easy to rust.

7.Fun Drinking Games

Do you want to drink good drinks? The players will play the games of this system to try their best to get the result of the game.This fun game, can let you play a variety of games, fun and fun, not only can enjoy the fun of drinking, but also help you to learn to think better, improve your brain and improve your memory. It is a kind of drinking game that can let you enjoy the fun of drinking and improve your memory.

8.Champagne Glasses

Clear, transparent, healthy, safe and non-toxic, no paint, no hand injury, innovative design, light and loose to meet the needs of most people. The inner liner is made of pure hand blown crystal glass, which is smooth, transparent and delicate. The transparent and beautiful glass can be seen clearly in the sun, and can be seen at any time under the sun. This water cup is made of imported Borosilicate glass, which is more resistant to high temperature and more durable than ordinary glass. The entire cup is made of exquisite technology, with a large capacity and multi-color options. It’s a very beautiful water cup. The cup mouth is polished smooth without hurting the mouth.

9.Tile Mate

Looking for mobile phones, keys, folders, I believe you will always try, and even often. Tile mate is very good at solving this problem for you. Especially the white elephant activity held by the office, this gift is definitely one of the most popular gifts. The design is very intimate. You can’t let go of it.A new generation design makes it easier for you to find keys. Magnetic sealing ring, sound wave guide hole, so that the keys are not easy to fall out. In addition, the key is designed to be flexible and can be easily used by one hand. The closed design of the ring makes the ring not easy to loose. The exquisite shell can withstand the impact force and withstand the collision. With a strong sense of hierarchy and a distinctive personality, it is resistant to falling and easy to handle, so that you can use it more safely.

10.Fanny Waist Bags

The small belly adopts a waterproof coating, which can effectively prevent water from entering the belly when it is used. It is waterproof and tear proof, and has a non-toxic and tasteless material. The belly is not afraid of water, and the design of fake two fake parts can prevent the belly from being pilled and dirt. It’s a good companion for you. High-grade, environmental friendly material, safe and non-toxic. The belly is not afraid of water, the design of fake two fake parts, can prevent the belly from being pilled, and the small belly adopts a waterproof coating. The surface is treated by environmental protection paint, which is waterproof and wear-resistant, and has a non-toxic and tasteless material. The whole is a very exquisite and fashionable modeling design, which can show your fashion taste. It’s very suitable for people who like to make fake two fake parts. The color is also very beautiful. It’s also very good-looking to wear alone. The fabric is also very comfortable, durable and not easy to deform.

11.Mini Waffle Maker

This is a super convenient and simple home appliance, which can make waffles, a variety of food materials, and add a lot of fun to life. It is made of food grade material, safe and healthy, non-toxic and tasteless, and can be used at ease. The built-in LED waffle lamp can rotate 360 degrees, with a maximum range of about 4cm, which can be used to make breakfast. The waffle is a healthy breakfast, with high appearance value and high beauty value. The classic mold design is simple and convenient to operate. The stainless steel filter screen is convenient for filtration and is not easy to dirty. The detachable handle is convenient for cleaning. It can also be used to make a cup of milk or ice cream, and can also be used as a breakfast machine. A variety of functions, a variety of needs, can make breakfast with one key.

12.Clean Dreams Sponge Holder

Selected environmental protection PVC material, simple and generous shape, bright color, durable, no peculiar smell,can be used to place small items, to meet your storage needs, simple and practical.It is safe, environmental friendly, strong and durable.The material is environmental protection and health. It can be used at ease. The appearance is very creative.

13.Umbrella Hat

The new umbrella cloth is made of fine workmanship, fashionable color matching and exquisite design. The thickness of the umbrella cloth is 2 mm, which is suitable for use in autumn and winter. The color is pure and full. The weather is dry. The air is fresh. Take it with you. It’s really convenient and practical. The whole fabric is made of cotton and hemp, which has good moisture absorption and air permeability. The fine hand feel is very good, especially the inner layer, the lining is thickened with cotton, which has good warmth retention, and the umbrella cloth is very easy to handle. The style of the hat is made of fine workmanship, the design is novel and beautiful, and the outer layer is made of thickened hemp cloth, which is very thick and has a strong sense of bearing, especially suitable for daily use.

14.Mini Usb Fan

A kind of USB fan that can be used to run office or as a small desk fan. The fans are very light and have no sense of weight on the hand. It’s a very good choice to use as a desk fan. A lot of people will think that the air in the office is a little uncomfortable, so it’s not easy to sleep. At this time, you need a small fan to help you relieve the pressure. The appearance of the fan is very small, so it doesn’t take up space to use. The fan is made of high-quality materials, durable, strong and durable. The shape is fashionable, beautiful and easy to carry.It has a strong heat dissipation ability, so it is convenient to keep the air circulating. The high-efficiency heat dissipation and low noise make the home appliances quiet and comfortable. The rotating fan can display time and text, which is a cool gift.The rotating fan can display time and text, which is a cool gift. Numbers and words can be adjusted by themselves. Maybe it’s a good way to give them to your loved ones and express your ideas.

15.Light Saber Chopsticks

The strong and strong appearance makes it more practical. With the smooth and simple line outline, it has a strong overall design sense, simple and generous, and has a modern and fashionable artistic atmosphere. The high-end chrome plated handle is made of high-quality environmental protection materials, which is solid and durable. The simple and generous appearance design, with smooth and simple lines, is very fashionable and beautiful. They are made of food grade material, safe, non-toxic, tasteless, and have good corrosion resistance. They are healthy and non-toxic. The design is exquisite, the workmanship is exquisite, the grip is comfortable and safe to use.

16.Basketball Mug

It’s a very creative drinking cup. It’s made of ceramic material. The shape of the cup is very small and lovely, but it’s very exquisite. The cup mouth is smooth, and the body of the cup is made of high-quality ceramic material, which is safe and durable.The childlike shape of the cup is full of childlike interest. The cute cup body and the lovely cartoon animal are vivid and interesting, the sweet pink color is fresh and elegant.It’s a must for basketball fans. Besides tea, soda and wine, it can also contain candy, chocolate, etc. It’s very unique.

17.Girl Power Socks

The surface is made of soft, comfortable and breathable cotton fabric, which is very suitable for the needs of the face. It is designed with a flat sock mouth, comfortable and elastic. The back of the sock is sewn with Velcro, which can adjust the tightness of the sock mouth freely. There are Velcro pockets on the sock mouth, which are convenient for storing things, convenient for putting things, and practical.The whole sock is made of high-quality wool, which is soft and comfortable to touch the skin. With high-quality elastic band, it is not easy to deform after long wearing. The sock mouth is made of smooth and comfortable elastic silk fabric, which is more convenient to put into the trunk. The sock head is made of high elastic mesh, which is convenient for walking and not easy to deform.

18.Famous Painting Socks

The exquisite knitting technology makes it easy to wear and take off and smooth to the skin. The interior is soft and comfortable, so that the feet can breathe freely. The thickened inner lining is more comfortable and more warm. It is made of high-quality plush fabric, which makes the sock more warm, warm and soft. The sock head and foot part are made of plush, and the sock mouth is made of lace. The thickened inner lining is more comfortable and more warm. It is made of high-quality plush fabric, which makes the sock more warm and soft. The point is that all of them have the heads of celebrities. There may be people you like or dislike. Don’t worry, choose them and put them on.

19.Mop Slippers

Fashionable and personalized design, strong color contrast, shoe body design, unique shoe body, fashionable and beautiful. Slippers, a very good shoe design, the upper of the shoe is made of high-quality leather, the sole is made of rubber, the shoe body is made of cow tendon, and the inner part is made of sheepskin.The shoes are designed with high-quality cowhide and rubber sole, and the interior is made of sheepskin, which is comfortable and wear-resistant. The shoes are comfortable to wear, and the feet are not tired.

20.Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass

The mouth is made of lead-free crystal glass, the bottle body is made of high borosilicate glass, and the seal is made of thick and durable high-temperature material. Beautiful and generous, with a kind of dreamlike feeling. The retro style of the window screen makes the glass more lovely. High quality lead-free glass, the bottle body is delicate, the surface is smooth, with a clear texture, the handle is wrapped with leather, the inner wall is smooth and bright, and the sealing is not easy to leak. The bottle mouth is clear and easy to clean, the bottle mouth is small and light, convenient for home use. The bottle mouth is designed with anti-skid pad, which is not easy to slip and easy to grasp.

21.Bike Pizza Cutter

With a little twist, it’s easy to make pizza crust. The easy-to-use stainless steel food knife is convenient and easy to clean, with double-sided and double-sided steel head, and the handle is also very delicate and wear-resistant, which is really good to use. This pizza cutter, with the pure black color as the main color, is beautiful and atmospheric, very good-looking and beautiful. It is made of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant and durable. With the double-sided design, it can easily cut and make pizza crust, which is very convenient. It’s time to cut pizza again. It’s so beautiful!The whole is made of food grade stainless steel, the tip is brushed and polished, and the surface is sprayed with food grade environmental protection paint. The kitchen, bathroom and other places can use it at ease. The use of food grade stainless steel makes the whole cutlery a new model.

22.Magic Hatching Growing Dinosaur

Dinosaur water-based dry flower development toys the same dinosaur water-based dry flower toys.This toy uses water-based material, which has good adhesion, can not fall off easily and play at ease. The shape is lifelike, and the dinosaur can hold it. It’s made of pure natural material, non-toxic, tasteless and easy to clean. It’s a kind of funny toy from the world of dinosaurs. Join the water and grow with the dinosaurs.

23.Unstable Unicorns Card Game

A brand-new generation of revolutionary design has been launched, bringing a new game experience and a new experience. It has won the German red dot design award and the German best game award. The combination of new cards and new designs can be said to be a combination of modernity and retro. Build a team of four to build a golden unicorn. The game is quite simple. Everyone who wants to win must make good use of the game. When the game is over, you can spend the game points to send the winning card. The fun of the game is not only the pain of the card, but also the feeling of playing the game. It is said that unicorns are like little angels, who have a lot of faith in their own abilities and the strength of their team. There are many blessings awaiting the unicorn, who will bring good luck to the winner. The game of unicorns is played on the board of the game, which is the most suitable board for beginners.

24.Laugh Bag

How can the whole world laugh at us when we’re laughing? It’s just a wonderful, beautiful and happy thing to smile with you and take you to find a happy and sweet smile. The time is so long, and laughter is so great. Just a touch, and laughter came immediately. It’s so easy to laugh, so uncontrollable, so funny. Come and buy one. Laugh together.

25.Dammit Doll

Are you scared? I’m scared! The most popular doll in history has become a fashionable artifact, which can not only be used as a decoration, but also as a toy. It can let the you feel the fun of playing The doll is made of high-quality material, safe and environmentally friendly. The outer layer is made of PU material, which is not only heat-resistant and wear-resistant, but also has no peculiar smell. The inner layer is made of high-quality cotton, which is soft and comfortable, and can bring you a better feeling.

26.Backwards Wall Clock

Creative wall clock, simple style,elegant and exquisite, warm color, no radiation, exquisite workmanship, fashionable and beautiful, showing quality, excellent performance, can be used for gift giving, decoration, home decoration, etc. The surface is processed by exquisite paint baking process. It is not only environmentally safe and durable, but also has good heat resistance. It can also be used in all kinds of decoration styles. The simple and elegant color is very suitable for the decoration style of modern home. The key function is that time can go back. It’s definitely an interesting gift.

27.Kitchen Oven Mitt

A very practical kitchen gadget, the design of the downdraft design, can fit the walls of the cabinets, has a very good heat insulation effect. The gloves are made of soft and skin friendly materials and 100% cotton , with good moisture absorption and air permeability. The gloves are made of frosted material, which is not only wear-resistant, but also will not cause the problem of wool falling. They are easy to clean, soft, elastic, breathable, easy to take care of, and easy to clean.

28.Lifelike Rubber Mouse

Very real mouse, with plush outside, warm to the touch, and commercial quality plastic at the bottom, no peculiar smell. The lifelike shape can’t distinguish the true from the false. This is a prank. Be careful. Especially when there are timid people, old people, women and children in the activity, don’t use this!

29.Magical Moon Night

Combined with high-quality plastic materials, soft and beautiful light effect, suitable for a variety of decoration styles, bring warmth and peace to your home. The elegant and warm color system is very eye-catching.The lamp body is designed with simple lines, which is exquisite and beautiful. The elegant and warm color system is very eye-catching. The lampshade is made of high-quality plastic, which is solid, durable, bright and clean, and it is easy to clean. The soft light is not dazzling. The design of the lamp body is very creative. The exquisite carving is full of artistic flavor.Simple but not simple, soft light, more comfortable and comfortable, warm and romantic, very suitable for the use of small house type. The overall shape of this lamp is simple and generous, without any redundant decoration, but it can be so fashionable and natural. Imagine what a wonderful life it is to watch the moon at night and go to sleep with it.

30.Stink Perfume

Another prank gift. This perfume is covered by a strong, pure natural smell. Yes, it’s the original smell. It’s unique and lasting. People who smell the perfume smell will be impressed. They may laugh at you, or they may abuse you. Please be prepared mentally. Ha ha… Finally, the thick, original smell is the smell of stench of rotting eggs!

31.Sushi Socks

The simple and fashionable Sushi Socks Box design, with the overall appearance of seaside scenery, is made of high-quality and comfortable silk cloth. The overall design is simple and beautiful. With the perfect combination of the delicate and light silica gel and the Sushi Socks Box, it is more creative and beautiful. The cozy silica gel Sushi Socks Box is made of comfortable silica gel. It is not only soft and elastic, but also has good toughness. It can be used to store Sushi Socks and other sundries in the living room. It is very practical, suitable for gifts, coziness and other purposes. It is made of high-quality silica gel, which is not only soft and elastic, but also has good toughness.

32.Disappearing Ink

A sudden stroke of ink on a friend should be a good joke. Especially the ladies, when they are dressed in beautiful clothes, dressed beautifully. Suddenly, your clothes are full of ink intentionally or unintentionally. You can imagine how anxious and funny her expression was at that time. When I found that the ink faded slowly, well, by the way, it was another funny scene. At this point, you can use the role of a physics expert to explain and guide the ladies to the next prank. This ink is made of environmental friendly material, no peculiar smell, but do not drink it. Note: do not use it on strangers to avoid unpleasant events.

33.Remote farting machine

Farting machine enables farting to happen anytime, anywhere. It is a good choice for office, family party and white elephant activities. Convenient, fast and safe. The farting machine uses high-quality silica gel as raw material, with excellent hand feel and strong three-dimensional sense. It’s a more peaceful prank to fart with a little press. Even if it’s found out, it’s just laughing.

34.Mini Beetles Vacuum

This vacuum is made of environmental friendly materials, with delicate texture, beautiful color, built-in stainless steel motor, quiet and energy-saving, and the installation is simple and convenient. The simplest cleaning can also make your hair clean and tidy. The steam filter can effectively remove impurities, and the noise is small, which is suitable for home use. The design of the button is very humanized. The switch can be adjusted in three gears. The design of the head is very humanized. It can be used for a long time without overheating and strong suction, no smell, dust-free.And cute look.

35.Metal Hand Buzzer

Environmental friendly materials and fine workmanship are adopted. It adopts multi-functional push design and is easy to use. This electric buzzer mimics the sound of metal. It’s very offensive to most people. Note: do not get too close to the ears. Do not use it when there are children or infants.

36.Electric Flameless Heater

The heater is made of ABS materials. It is safe, stable and durable. It can be used for a long time without rusting. The appearance is exquisite and beautiful, and the quality of the kitchen is greatly improved.The exquisite metal appearance is solid and durable, beautiful and durable. Can barbecue food at any time, making marshmallows, and small volume, easy to carry.

37.Hot Sauce Gift set

Eat and love, the taste is really good. It’s very delicious. I’ll have a piece of it when I get home. It’s definitely a good partner in your life. In fact, it’s a kind of condiment with spicy and spicy flavor. It’s really a taste with a long aftertaste. The sauce made of this condiment is also the taste of spicy food in the world, which is the feeling of spicy food. Even if it’s a spicy food, it’s really delicious. The sauce is thick and refreshing, with good taste and mellow flavor. The non fried spicy sauce is made of high-quality soybean oil.

38.Breakfast Sandwich Maker

The creative sandwich maker has the separation of layers is also very convenient. The shell is made of food grade PP material, which is resistant to falling and not easy to scratch. The unique air hole design makes the sandwich not easy to be damp. The surface of the shell is treated by polishing, which is smooth and easy to clean. The top cover of the sandwich is equipped with a spout, which can prevent the sandwich from falling out of the water. It is equipped with air holes to prevent the sandwich from being wet. It is smooth and easy to clean.With a variety of delicious snacks, let you have a good mood.

39.Squishy Animal Toy

Soft animal extrusion ball is made of environmental friendly plastic materials. Non toxic, odorless, safe and odorless. Looking at them can relax the mood and reduce the pressure. It is not only lovely, but also comfortable to touch. There are all kinds of cartoon characters, loved by adults and children.

40.Overturned cup gadgets

Overturning the cup is made of environmentally friendly plastic material, which is absolutely an amazing prank in the office. When colleagues saw their computer keyboard overturned the cup far away, this mood, ha ha.

41.Fashion 3D Printed T-shirt

The neckline is designed with thread, which makes it easy to wear and take off. The body is made of cotton fabric, which is comfortable to the skin, and the upper body is not easy to pilling. The material of the fabric is skin friendly, comfortable, breathable and very elastic, showing the charm of men’s style, and the workmanship is fine and neat. The line is neat, the quality is guaranteed, and the atmosphere is not easy to deform. Simple solid color, simple and generous. The three-dimensional cutting is full of fashion and leisure. The cartoon pattern is fresh and lovely. The cotton fabric is soft and breathable, and the design of thread is fashionable and leisure.