Kobe Bryant Memories List in 2020

Kobe Bryant is a generation of basketball superstars, with many people growing up, is a collective memory of many people when they were young. Maybe it’s not the most complete list, but there must be something you want to remember. These are also great gifts for boyfriends. Let’s miss it together.

1.Nike Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball Shoes

This is a very comfortable basketball shoe. The upper is made of the first layer of cow leather. It’s soft and comfortable. It’s good for moisture absorption and perspiration. It’s light and breathable. It’s comfortable for your feet. The sole is made of natural rubber. It’s antiskid and wear-resistant. The sole is flexible and bending resistant. It’s shock-absorbing and comfortable. It’s very suitable for daily life. It’s easy for you to drive at the same time of leisure, sports and leisure. It is brings comfortable foot feel and excellent wrapping effect. In addition, the upper adopts the construction of thick sole design, which can not only effectively prevent slipping, but also enhance the stability of the shoe. It also has a large area of torsional grooves on the side, which can increase the air circulation inside the shoe, provide a more breathable and comfortable feeling, and effectively enhance the stability of the shoe. The heel and sole are equipped with a magnetic absorption design, which can adjust the tightness by itself, and is suitable for different foot types.

2. Vinyl Dolls Action Figure Model Toys

This vinyl toy is made of fine workmanship, high-quality plastic material, strong and durable, with unique modeling design, full of children’s interest, to create a happy childhood for children! The body is made of high-quality plastic material, which is healthy and environmental friendly, strong and durable, and does not deform after long-term use. It is made of high-quality synthetic leather, which is comfortable to touch, wear-resistant, breathable and not sultry. This is a pair of action figures designed for the first basketball game of Kobe Bryant. The most interesting thing is that they are very accurate in the details. They are very realistic. And the face of the action figure is painted with the classic color of Kobe Bryant, so that the whole family can feel the true meaning of the movement. The basketball team’s action figures, with a strong sense of three-dimensional, are not easy to deform and have a strong sense of interest.

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3.The card body is made of high-quality printing process, with a full sense of hierarchy, highlighting the details. The card is also designed with a very high-grade name logo. It is fashionable and full of unique flavor. The card is designed with a unique biomorph font, and the whole is full of European and American style. This card is soft and comfortable, and the pattern is full and exquisite. It has a more delicate and exquisite appearance. Remember they are only 1000 pieces.

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4.Kobe Jersey Kid’s Retro Jerseys

This Kobe jersey is made of elastic fabric and made of gold thread. It is full of texture. The color contrast stripes on both sides are bright and fashionable. The inner layer is also made of soft and comfortable fabric, which is not easy to pilling and fade. It is clean and tidy. The color contrast stripes on both sides are bright and fashionable. The inner layer is also made of soft and comfortable fabric, which is not easy to pilling and fade. The color matching design of the collar and the letter printing on the chest is fashionable and personalized. The loose version is suitable for boys of different shapes. The fashionable and eye-catching white is integrated with the letter print on the chest, and the upper body is full of youthful vitality and fashion. The style of the clothes is simple, and the upper body is comfortable and comfortable to wear. It is made of selected high-quality fabrics. It is soft and comfortable, moisture absorption and air permeability, and more comfortable to wear. The design of the round neck fits the neck skin, which can bring comfortable wearing experience. The letter printing pattern on the back of the body is more fashionable and personalized. The pure cotton material is comfortable and breathable. It is more suitable for sports wear.

5.The classic basketball classic is clearly reflected in this poster. The original high-end canvas material is fully colorless and waterproof, and the color is still bright after long-term use. The ultra-thin printing pattern is unique and exquisite, which is not easy to fade and decolor. It is a good choice for both self use and delivery. The original is made of high-quality canvas material. The upper is designed with golden words and triple printed pattern. It is designed with four-color splicing and color contrast. It is presented in a fashionable style.The golden and bright color matching and the three-dimensional color painting embellishment in the background bring the full sense of vitality.

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6. Black Dark Grey Mens Kobe Bryant Basketball Shoes

The upper is made of mesh material and breathable leather. It’s soft and comfortable to wear. The midsole is made of classic black and red color. It’s full of youth and fashion sense. It’s a very classic basketball shoe. It’s a very fashionable sneaker with excellent texture and comfortable package. It’s a unique and fashionable version. It’s wear-resistant sole and comfortable interior. It’s more comfortable without wearing feet and tiring feet. It’s a simple street fashion. You can try to match with a coffee watch or a black watch It’s a very good post-90s slacker’s thin dating basketball shoe. The inside is made of breathable and dry fabric, which doesn’t clog the feet. The composite sole is light, comfortable and softer. This sneaker is made of high-quality fabric, soft and comfortable, with good folding resistance and excellent flexibility. It has strong flexibility and wear resistance, and can easily cope with various complex road conditions. The upper is equipped with scientific and technological fabric, which is light, breathable, high rebound insole and sole, which can effectively relieve foot pressure and make you feel comfortable. The sole is added with anti-bacterial and deodorant, which can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria. It make your men’s style reflected incisively and vividly this summer, the shoes are made of high-quality fabric, soft and comfortable, and more comfortable after wearing, no exaggeration design, simple and pure taste of sunshine, easy to show the beauty of men, no matter what clothes are matched, let people see the favorite style of this kind of sports.

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7.NBA Match Wall Art Painting Basketball Player

The pure white background of the painting is very simple, and the painting is very delicate. It has a kind of artistic conception of perspective, which can be seen through the glass. The painting style is simple and generous, which is suitable for both the living room and the study. The overall style is simple and generous, with fresh colors and artistic conception of perspective.

8. Kobe Bryant fadeaway jumper vinyl wall 

This is a very high-quality basketball wall sticker, with a simple and fashionable design style, with unique modeling and color, it is fashionable, beautiful and generous, which can add a touch of bright color to your home. The colorful basketball wall stickers are made of environmental protection materials. They are non-toxic, tasteless and healthy. The three-dimensional feeling is full, and they are very suitable for the basketball court. The shape is simple and fashionable, and the surface is smooth and glossy. It is a good choice for home decoration. Simple and fashionable basketball wall stickers, with very good color fastness, give the family a pleasant mood, and make the living environment more colorful.

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9. Nike Mamba Rage Mens Basketball Shoes

This is a casual basketball shoe with a lace up design, which is convenient for you to wear and take off. It is made of high-quality wear-resistant rubber outsole, which is wear-resistant and anti-skid. It is easy to control the movement in various environments. It can provide good grip and shock absorption effect. The lightweight design and the use of high-quality synthetic leather upper can provide a soft and comfortable wearing experience. The unique large print embellishes the upper, showing the youth vitality. The sole is made of soft and elastic EVA material, which is flexible and has good cushioning effect, so it can reduce the fatigue of wearing, and let you go out of the street to make you more attractive. The style is simple and generous, and the color is full of youthful vitality. A pair of great sneakers will bring different colors to people. The fashionable and simple appearance is very suitable for the young people’s temperament, and it is very eye-catching to wear. The high-quality leather material is used to enhance the comfort and ventilation, so that the foot can be fully relaxed. The tongue is designed with a rubber patch to make it more comfortable to wear.

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10.Kobe Non-Slip Rubber Extended Large Gaming Mouse Pad 

Waterproof and sweat proof, comfortable and anti-skid, fast rebound, easy to control all kinds of games, free and easy to control. All the time, there is a good partner in the game. It adopts the special anti-skid and wear-resistant material, which makes the game experience more comfortable and safe. The body of the mouse is made of high-quality environmental protection material, which is comfortable, soft, elastic and shock-absorbing.The red and white striped design on the surface of the mouse pad is simple and generous, with unique color contrast. The material is made of imported high-quality soft rubber, which is flexible, soft and delicate, and the hand feeling is very good. The high-quality rubber is very comfortable to use.

11. NBAbasketball star stickers FORKobeBryant

It is made of new PVC material, with a great texture. It can be used to protect your mobile phone, tablet, and other digital products. It is a good choice whether you are at work or in the car. The new PVC waterproof material is adopted, with strong flexibility, durable and easy to handle. The adhesive strip adopts multi-layer protection technology, which is durable and will not fall off. The exquisite and fashionable design, which is easy to remove and wash, is a good helper for your desktop. The creative appearance is very beautiful, and it also has a good decorative effect on the desktop. The perfect combination of fashionable personality and practicality, with good decorative effect. The unique design can be placed anywhere in the home, creating a beautiful and atmospheric desktop for the desktop, and will not affect the beauty of the desktop.

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This is a very classic shoe, made of breathable mesh fabric, with a comfortable and breathable shoe body and a full-length air cushion in the forefoot. The overall shape of the shoe is simple and generous, and the large area of blue color matching shows the fashionable feeling. The shoe body is made of gray and white three-color splicing, which is very eye-catching. The shoe body is made of breathable mesh material, which is soft and comfortable, and has good air permeability. The sole is a cushioned midsole, which has excellent cushioning performance and is comfortable to wear.This white sneaker is also the same as the name. The high-quality leather is soft and delicate, and it is more comfortable to wear on the feet. The toe cap and heel are decorated , which is more beautiful. The upper is made of high-quality leather material, which is breathable and sweat absorbing, making the shoes more comfortable and stylish, and making the whole more fashionable. A fashionable sneaker that is comfortable to wear on the feet. It is full of rebound and shock absorption, which further improves the cushioning performance. The outsole is made of high wear-resistant rubber, which is designed with the bottom pattern, so the traction is durable. The fashionable design and color matching are simple and generous. The sole color matches the upper color to improve the overall fashion. The comfortable materials are preferred to the one with better softness and comfort. This casual shoes casual shoes not only have a fashionable appearance, but also have a comfortable and breathable performance, wear-resistant sole, comfortable foot feeling, and it is convenient to wear and take off, making your men’s style reflected incisively and vividly in the classic design of this casual shoes.

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13.Nike Kobe 360 Mens Basketball Trainers Aq1087 Sneakers Shoes

The upper of this basketball shoe is made of a combination of high-quality synthetic leather and mesh. It is comfortable and breathable. It is designed with the tongue , which is simple and personalized. It is also equipped with a large area of high-quality anti-skid rubber outsole, which provides excellent grip, strong and durable.The wear-resistant rubber outsole with the breathable mesh design makes it more comfortable to wear. The anti-skid and wear-resistant sole is comfortable to walk. The light and flexible midsole enhances the stability of the shoes.The heel is made of anodized aluminum, with a strong three-dimensional sense, and the pattern is more fashionable and dynamic. The middle sole of this basketball shoe is made of anodized aluminum, and the pattern is more fashionable and dynamic. The midsole is made of anodized aluminum, and the pattern is more fashionable and dynamic. The nxt series of shoes from Nike are made of high-quality leather upper. They are soft, comfortable, wear-resistant, flexible and light. They are made of wear-resistant rubber outsole and lightweight cushioning for a lightweight feel. The upper is made of a variety of materials, providing a comfortable fit and excellent breathability.

14. Lillard Basketball Middle Calf Cotton Thick Socks

The upper adopts the three-dimensional cutting design, which can increase the wrapping of the upper, making the socks more stable and not easy to fall off. At the same time, the anti-skid design can play a good anti-skid role, which is worth starting with. The new breathable and breathable inner lining with a mesh lining can absorb moisture and sweat, keep the foot dry and comfortable at all times, and provide a dry and comfortable feeling. The anti-skid and wear-resistant outsole design can prevent skidding and wear-resistant. The high-quality fabric is soft and breathable, which can make your feet comfortable and fresh even in the hot summer. The antiskid outsole is suitable for all kinds of road conditions, greatly improving the comfort of your feet, walking more self-confident, lace up design, full personality, comfortable and versatile wearing, making you more comfortable and comfortable to wear.

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15.Sneaker with a variety of colors and a pair of black and green laces, looks very domineering. The appearance is light and comfortable, with a good sense of quality. The overall design is simple and atmospheric, which is very suitable for the daily wear of various occasions. The shoes are soft and comfortable, with good air permeability, and can be worn outdoors. The appearance design of this sneaker is very classic, which looks very fashionable and beautiful. The sole is very soft, which can give full play to the effect of shock absorption and antiskid. This kind of shoes is really suitable for sports and leisure. It is very light and comfortable to wear, and it is very light and comfortable. The most important thing is that it can be worn all the year round without tiring your feet. This is a classic shoe with excellent quality. It’s a very versatile style. It’s very versatile and easy to match. It’s easy to wear. It’s also very breathable and doesn’t pinch your feet. It makes you feel tired no matter how you wear it. The curved design of the toe creates a smiling face.

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16.It’s made of high-quality fabrics, comfortable and breathable. It’s easy to wear the style, novel and unique style , classic design, full of leisure style, wearing a very personal fashion flu Retro Style Men’s color contrast young men’s fashion sweater, using high-quality fabric, no stimulation to the skin, good sweat absorption, fashion without pilling, details to create, more clear and stylish, the upper body effect is very good, a little cool feeling, very fashionable.

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17. Nike Mamba Rage Basketball Shoes

The black and white color matching of the midsole is the most classic and popular color, which is still very popular. The whole shoe adopts the combination of classic midsole and foam to create a comfortable feel. It’s a classic silhouette and classic color. It’s a classic sneaker with a mid top shoe design. It’s the best choice for you to wear. It’s a classic shoe with a mid top shoe design. It’s the best choice for you to wear. This men’s shoe is made of high-quality leather upper, which is breathable and comfortable, with good texture, strong and durable. It’s very comfortable to wear on the foot. It’s not easy to deform and not easy to deform. It’s very easy to bend. The sole is antiskid and wear-resistant. The upper is made of high-quality cow leather, comfortable and breathable, which is very fashionable. The new 3.0 version of the classic style is more suitable for your feet, and the arc-shaped design of the toe cap makes your toes more flexible and comfortable. This sneaker is suitable for all ages. It’s fashionable and simple. It’s made of comfortable materials. It’s easy to understand the heart. It’s exquisite in workmanship. It’s always comfortable for you to wear. It’s very suitable for casual wear. The fashionable men are also handsome.

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18. Nike Mamba Focus Kobe Bryant Zoom University Red Shoes

Its shoes are decorated with the word Kobe in the heel. This time, the color matching is more fashionable. The upper is made of carbon fiber material, which is more light and breathable, making it more comfortable to wear. The leather material of the first layer has a more delicate hand feel and good air permeability. The sole is equipped with natural rubber outsole, which can effectively prevent skidding and cushioning, making it more comfortable and safe. With the release of Kobe Bryant’s game ball, the color matching of this shoe will be more fashionable, the sole of the shoe is very soft, and it is not easy to grind the feet. The soft cushioning sole can provide better protection for the feet. It is recommended to wear it for a long time. The sole is made of a wear-resistant rubber outsole, which is antiskid and wear-resistant. It has excellent shock absorption effect, so that you can ride more safely. The upper is made of lightweight materials and wears comfortable and breathable fabrics. It is comfortable to wear and take care of without stuffy heat. The outsole is made of high wear-resistant rubber, with good grip and wear resistance. The tread design of the sole increases the grip and reduces the ground friction, making it safer and more comfortable to wear.

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