Work pressure, what to give decompression gift?

No matter in work or in life, the pressure inevitably swarms. As a good friend or colleague, of course, you need to let TA decompress properly, send these innovative decompression gifts, and help him eliminate the pressure with super intimacy.

1.Color book

Super exquisite color filling picture book, no matter it’s color filling practice or collection, it’s very delicate, with strong ancient style and texture. In the pressure for the practice of color filling can be a good relief, serious color filling can eliminate a lot of mental distractions. The collection of paintings is made of high-grade painting paper, which can meet all kinds of coloring needs.

2.Decompression digital oil painting

DIY decompression oil painting, when you get it, is a semi-finished product that needs to be colored by yourself. You only need to fill the corresponding digital area. The picture is very beautiful, very textured, with a little retro feeling, and the surface of the painting is very smooth. The painting style is very elegant, and the details are well handled. The style is very suitable for home decoration. These decorative painting is a work of oil painting, which can be used for decoration in the living room, porch and other places. It is not only the decoration of home decoration, but also the artwork in the home. The high-definition digital painting oil painting is like the picture in the painting. It is made by high-definition digital painting technology. The picture is vivid and delicate, and the color is full and lifelike. It is not only a decorative painting, but also a work of art, which makes the home more stylish and beautiful.

3.Animal pillow

Hand woven animal pillow is very healing. It can relieve the pressure of work and life in a day. Besides, such a cute pet, its heart will melt. Especially the TA who loves pets. Think about how much less stress there is when you sit down for a cup of coffee and hold this comfortable pillow every day when you are having trouble at work. There are always more ways to solve difficulties than difficulties.The surface is equipped with high-quality sanding, which is smooth, delicate and comfortable, bringing you a delicate and soft touch. The inner core is filled with high-quality ppcotton, with good elasticity and excellent softness. It is fluffy and full, and the whole pillow is very comfortable. The fabric of the pillow is also very soft, very comfortable, very suitable for the use of high-quality cotton material, with good skin affinity, good air permeability, and not easy to produce static electricity.

4.Infinite magic cube

Creative magic cube adds a little interest to the boring life and work. It’s time to empty your mind for a moment of peace, simple change and reciprocating cycle, so that your boring time is no longer boring. It’s very convenient to carry a small one with you.

5.Magnetic pen

Magnetic pen is a very interesting small toy. Multi section permanent magnetic ring can be combined and played at will. At the same time, it is also a ball point pen and touch-screen pen. Decompression writing is a combination of two. What’s interesting is that it can be folded into any shape. More interesting ideas are waiting for you to explore.With the shape of the pen holder, the pen is more beautiful and generous. The pen holder made of metal material is more textured. The surface is treated with electroplating color technology, which is very textured. The shape design of the pen holder is unique, the surface is electroplated with color, and the surface is treated with color, which is very textured. The metal pen holder is made of metal, with strong and stable structure, which is not easy to deform and durable. The design of magnetic pen holder is convenient to store and not easy to fall. The pen holder is made of alloy material, which is not easy to rust and deformation. It is resistant to high temperature and oxidation. It is solid and durable. The shape is simple and atmospheric, with a strong sense of art.

6.Balance box decompression game toy

Decompress the game, activate your brain, relieve the trouble and pressure. The small box can be carried around to eliminate the boring time, with different difficulty levels to bring different experiences. When playing, I have the feeling of playing strange and upgrading. I use my brain and decompress. The appearance value is also quite high. It’s very suitable for giving away.

7.LEGO tree house toy building block

This LEGO tree house is super beautiful, with a variety of detailed components, to build the dream Tree House – there are master bedroom, children’s room, bathroom, etc., making your brain hole open. To have your own secret garden in the troubled world is very decompression.